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Bodyform launches yet another startling campaign, #WombStories, showcasing how menstruation & womb related issues are not as simple as girls start getting periods at a certain age, and then go through menopause at another.

Mundane ones. Profound ones. The bitter. And the sweet.’It is all brought alive in a … Bodyform's Ad Captures The Love-Hate Relationship We Have With infertility, IVF, menopause and more, proving that when it comes to womb health, there’s “no one size fits all” story. In "Womb Stories," the choice of having children appears as the fabled "tunnel of love," with a lone passenger contemplating the fork in the river.

Bodyform womb stories

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We worked together to illustrate a story of survival, infertility, surrogacy and motherhood as part of Bodyform’s #wombstories campaign. Pink Bits went above-and-beyond to provide a comprehensive and thoughtful response to our brief, with integrity and reliability when it came to deadlines. Bodyform chronicles 'womb stories' in all their emotional complexities. Follow-up to 'Viva la vulva' pushes against shame and silence surrounding women's bodies. Bodyform’s website says it best: ‘Get your period around twelve.

Bodyform/Libresse is taking a shot at changing that. Its latest work, "Pain Stories" by AMV BBDO, is an Instagram-based project designed to educate people about the nuances of menstrual and ovarian pain—hopefully providing the tools needed to gauge whether one's menstrual discomfort is normal, or symptomatic of something else.

Young people these days are exposed to so many unnatural and unobtainable body images, for both men and women to see natural female processes as normal is incredibly important. Discover Bodyform's towels, liners and daily intimate care products.

Bodyform womb stories

Bodyform "#Wombstories" by AMV BBDO. Bodyform's bold follow-up to 2019's "Viva la vulva" chronicles "womb stories" in all their emotional complexities.

BODYFORM – Womb Stories.

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Bodyform womb stories

During that, people shared lots of stories about the pain they feel and conditions like endometriosis.

In 2018, Stories of clockwork periods.
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Jul 1, 2020 An all-women team of top animation and illustration talent have joined forces in the creation of Womb Stories, a new Bodyform ad campaign 

An error occurred while retrieving sharing information. Please  Jul 3, 2020 Both have a deep relationship with my womb and my fertility. I… For Bodyform's new Womb Story to really break a taboo, we need to see and  Jul 27, 2020 Libresse (or Bodyform in the UK) was already known for its Viva La Framestore and AMVBBDO that advocates for "womb stories to be heard. Jul 3, 2020 Bodyform, for the unfamiliar, is a company that makes sanitary towels. Not the And now they've launched a new campaign called #wombstories to It feels surreal to see our stories of pain and pleasure finally rep Jul 1, 2020 With #wombstories, Bodyform & Libresse push back against the single, simplistic These few womb stories chronicle the sometimes beautiful,  Jul 3, 2020 Bodyform: “Womb Stories” - 3 mins 28s. To say this three-minute Bodyform ad is a force of nature would be an understatement. Scored by a  Mar 2, 2021 Bodyform's parent company tackles the agonizing yet common condition with The “womb stories” work featured anthromorphized wombs  Mar 10, 2021 Adopting a multi-pronged approach, Bodyform depicted normal period women's bodies to an all new level through their film: Womb Stories.